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13th Annual George Brown Memorial Event


The Thirteenth Inistioge George Brown Commemoration was necessarily this year a very much truncated affair, being confined to a wreath-laying ceremony at the George Brown Memorial in Inistioge Graveyard.


Attendance at the ceremony was confined to the members of the Inistioge committee and others regularly involved in the commemoration, along with relatives of George Brown. The gathering was addressed by Joe Doyle, committee secretary, who spoke briefly of the threat to democracy not from those ideologically opposed but from those posturing as democrats. The wreath was laid by Eileen O’Brien, a relative of the Brown family.


It is hoped that next year’s event will return to the usual format, running over the last weekend in June, including displays and talks on various aspects of the Spanish Civil War, on current events, both national and international, where threats are posed to democratic principles, and walks and talks on our local history and environment.

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